Our services

What we do

We are an executive search boutique led by ex-McKinsey consultants with offices in London and Paris.  We specialize in identifying transformative individuals with outstanding business acumen, problem-solving abilities,  interpersonal skills, drive, and expertise, for roles from pre-MBA through to C-level and Partner.

We serve selective employers in a variety of sectors:

  • Management Consulting
  • Private equity
  • Technology
  • Corporate

We provide two types of recruitment services:

  • Retained executive search, for Manager through to C-level and Partner roles
  • Contingent recruitment, for pre-MBA to MBA-level roles

We are the leading recruiter for the top-3 global management consultancies in London and Paris.

We also offer exclusive interview preparation material to our client firms and to the general public on CaseCoach.com, our online preparation service. This includes video lectures covering the key skills assessed by the firms, sample interview videos, and access to private coaching with our former consultants.

Our Approach

Our team of 9 experienced recruiters, our extensive network of 4,000+ candidates and our rigorous search process allow us to identify transformative individuals for the most difficult assignments. We normally approach 100+ potential candidates for a given role.

Our consulting experience means we can select the candidates with exceptional problem-solving and interpersonal skills, as well as the specific expertise required by our clients.

We then draw on our industry knowledge to support our candidates through the most rigorous selection processes.

Our clients have hired one in three InnerSquare candidates interviewed, a ratio far above the average.

Our practice areas

We have a track-record of completing difficult recruitments in a variety of practice areas.

Practice area Recruitments completed Sample role and employer
Performance Improvement 15+ Expert Principal, Organisation Design – Top-3 Consultancy
Expert Principal, Service Operations – Top-3 Consultancy
Expert Project Leader, Manufacturing – Top-3 Consultancy
Project Leader – Top-3 Consultancy
Consultant – Top-3 Consultancy
Implementation Consultant – Top-3 Consultancy
Consultant – Boutique Operations Consultancy
Technology & Data Science 10+ Project Leader, Data Science – Top-3 Consultancy
Project Leader, Big Data Transformation – Top-3 Consultancy
Consultant, IT & Digital – Top-3 Consultancy
Deployment Strategist – Top-3 US unicorn
Financial Services 5+ Principal, Insurance – Top-3 Consultancy
Project Leader, Insurance – Top-3 Consultancy
Consultant, Risk – Top-3 Consultancy
Consultant, Capital Markets – Top-3 Consultancy
Marketing & Sales 5+ Consultant – Top-3 Consultancy
Consultant, Digital Marketing – Top-3 Consultancy
Implementation Consultant – Top-3 Consultancy
General strategy 60+ Consultant – Top-3 consultancy

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